What is the most important achievement of your professional life?

It’s a pretty standard question, isn’t it? it’s kinda being asked in all job interviews. and also once in a while when having a drink with your friends.

Up until a few years ago, normally my answer to this question was “my last project” and I was very proud of it. This was really my honest and genuine answer because most of the time each project I was involved was better than the previous one. Some projects however left me more proud and I kept mentioning them for a while. These were the project which would impact people’s life in a good way ex. makes it easier for people to do a job, make their life better or make them enjoy them their job/life much more.

In recent years however, it didn’t feel right for a software application or successful delivery of a project to be my most important professional achievement. Don’t get me wrong I was and still am very proud of them but I was not satisfied which kept pushing me to look for another thing.

So it was a while ago I started looking back at my professional experience in search of finding what it is that makes me really happy and proud. Listing down all projects I have been involved and all the things I liked about them, one common thing stood up and that was people involved in the them.

So this draw my attention to think more about the people and that was my “aha moment”. It was something which immediately made me happy and I was like How come that I did not think about it sooner…

Anyway since then my answer has changed. I am proud of the products and services I have helped to deliver but I am most proud of the people I have helped grow. I have been fortunate enough to work with some ultra intelligent people and also have had the opportunity to help some of them find a suitable professional path, learn more, gain confidence and grow. This is one of the most enjoyable thing in my life.

So next time anyone asks me What is the most important achievement of your professional life? my answer would be the people I have helped grow.